This is a physics based matching game where you work in the Lost and Found department and have several customers coming up to you looking for their lost clothing items. It is a first person perspective game in which you have three windows of customers coming up and asking for a particular item. You have to turn around and look at the pile of items behind you to find the one that they are requesting. They start by mumbling and eventually get more and more agitated and start to shake as they are waiting. When you find their item, you have to grab it (click) and throw it at them. If you hit them with the wrong item, they scream madly and run off. The art style is very simple - stick figures with two-piece heads (think South Park canadians). Every item in the game is a hand drawn transparent plane, including the customers, the walls, the clothing items. There is a countdown timer and the goal is to serve as many people (and get as many points) before your time runs out!


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